Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables

As the chef or owner of a restaurant you deliver your very best to clients and customers. Every dish you plate up represents your passion for cooking and you expect nothing less than the finest produce to make that possible. As a retailer, the produce you put on your shelves – whether seasonal or regular – is expected to be of the highest quality. At The Wholesale Fruit Company, we understand this passion and commitment to quality, and bring you a wide range of the freshest and most delicious wholesale fruit and vegetables in Queensland.

Whether farm-fresh staples, or seasonal and exotic vegetables and fruit, The Wholesale Fruit Company specializes in the procurement and delivery of premium produce to your place of business. Our commitment is not merely to meet your needs, but to delight you with high-quality produce, efficient service and competitive pricing.

Wholesale Fruit and Veg

Get the freshest produce in Queensland. Call The Wholesale Fruit Company today on (07) 3278 0767 or email us at sales@wholesalefruitco.com. Our fax number is (07) 3278 0768.

Australia is a country of diverse climatic zones and conditions. It is this diversity that supplies an abundance of fruit and vegetables across the seasons. Some areas with an Asiatic climate allow for the growth of exotic tropical fruit, vegetables and herbs that add their distinctive flavours to our cuisine.We ensure that our stocks of seasonal and exotic produce are second to none.

Wholesale Fruit and Veg

Can’t find that herb you need for your restaurant’s signature dish? You will most likely find that we are able to meet all your produce needs. Call us on (07) 3278 0767, send us a fax on (07) 3278 0768 or email us at sales@wholesalefruitco.com.